Commercial Demolition

For efficient, cost-effective commercial demolition, American Wrecking should be your first call. We understand how to work with municipalities and the network regulatory agencies involved in many demo projects. Our experience can significantly speed the pace of your project. We know how to get it right the first time and get on with the job. We pull all permits, ensure project compliance and even manage the neighboring project environment. It’s all part of the job for us. Owning all of our equipment is another way we save time and cost. There’s no waiting for rentals and no
markup on fees.

Our demolition recycling company services job sites nationwide and in Canada.

Industrial & Military Demolition

American Wrecking has over 30 years of industrial demolition experience. We’ve seen and dealt with it all, from hazardous materials to non-permitted facilities. Our turn-key approach to a project insures that you’ll never have to worry about government agency compliance issues, permits or hazardous materials removal. We know that a job done right includes excellent customer service and ensures your peace of mind.


American Wrecking is experienced with military regulations and requirements, including green demolition. Below is a sampling of the many military facilities we’ve served in California:

  • Naval Air Weapons Station – China Lake, CA
  • Controlled Industrial Facility, Naval Air Station – San Diego, CA
  • U.S. Marine Corp Facility – Yermo, CA
  • Morris Dam Test Facility – Azuza, CA
  • Northrop Grumman Facility – Pico Rivera, CA

American Wrecking Inc has dozens of years of experience as a demolition company. Whether you are looking for industrial or commercial wrecking in Los Angeles, CA we offer it all.

Residential Demolition

At American Wrecking, we do all of our own residential demolition work. There is no subcontracting. We can knock down an entire housing development, a single dwelling or just one room. We also know the value of maintaining good relations with homeowners and their communities. So you won’t have to worry about noise abatement, dust control and traffic disruption. It’s all part of our excellent
customer service.

Whether it is your company’s building that needs demolition or a residential home, our construction company will service California and its surrounding areas.

Recycling and Abatement

The Ultimate Recycler
American Wrecking recycles and reduces waste on all projects as a normal course of doing business. As a result, we achieve a 93% recycle rate on most projects. With ever-rising tipping fees at landfills and reduced daily tonnage allowances, American Wrecking continually searches for more efficient and economic ways to reduce waste and recycle materials from every project we undertake. Our procedures allow us to offer the most competitive bids while protecting the environment.

  • Brick

    Unreinforced brick buildings are wrecked in a manner to allow salvage of the bricks. Depending on the methods of demolition, as much as 75% of the bricks can be recycled. Common red brick is in demand and is recycled whenever possible.

  • Lumber

    Wood for reuse such as dimensional timbers and plywood sheeting is removed and used for construction on other projects. The wood that cannot be saved and is not reusable is ground up and used for mulch. Although some wood products are sent to the landfills, it is a small percentage of the overall quantity.

  • Steel/Metals

    Metals of all types are salvaged for resale. These materials have resale value both as reusable and scrap metals to be recycled.

  • Electrical

    Electrical equipment may also have resale value. American Wrecking, Inc. has many outlets for such items as switchgear, transformers, lighting and wire, all of which are salvaged and kept out of the landfill stream.

  • Concrete Crushing

    Concrete removed is recycled on site, where it is crushed to a base material and can be used in the new construction or sold. When the project is too small to bring in a crusher or there is no need for the material on site, the concrete is hauled to a local crushing site where it is crushed and sold as a reusable base material.

  • Asphalt

    Asphalt, like concrete, can be crushed for use on site or sold for use off site. If not used on site, it is hauled to a local crusher where it can be crushed along with concrete to make reusable base material and sold. Asphalt can also be pulverized in place and used for fill material or as dust cover. Asphalt is also used by landfills for cover, and in some instances the landfill pays American Wrecking, Inc. for the material.

  • Green Waste / Trees

    Green waste is source separated on site and hauled to the local facility to be ground up and processed for mulch. Large pieces of trees are cut and hauled to a facility that either buys or takes the material free depending on the demand at the time of the project. Trees are then cut up for firewood or ground up in tub grinders for mulch or ground cover.

While other contractors send all demolition materials straight to the local landfills,we approache things differently. American Wrecking, Inc. has partnered with Importaciones Inmobiliarias Galaviz, S.A. de C.V., a used building material facility selling recycled construction materials which are in high demand in Mexico.