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PROJECT: Wilshire – 4 Story Demo

JOB TYPE: Commercial

Commercial Demolition – 2010 – Demolition of a 4-story concrete building in the Wilshire District, Los Angeles, CA


Located in the crowded Wilshire district of LA. American Wrecking Inc. was contracted to remove this structure located on the corner of Wilshire and La Brea during the holiday season. Complicating the project further, sections of this building cantilevered over the existing city sidewalks on Wilshire and La Brea. With only pedestrian canopy installed, American Wrecking Inc. successfully demolished the cantilevered sections which posed grave danger to the public, without interfering with pedestrian and bus traffic. Once these sections of building were removed, AWI obtained permits to close the Northbound lanes of La Brea and Eastbound lanes of Wilshire on the weekends so that we could place our crane with wrecking ball in the street to complete our masterpiece of organized destruction. All of this work was completed ahead of the already insanely tight schedule demanded by the client.

% Recycled: 89.2

Project Details

Date(s): 2010
Location: Los Angeles, California
# of Structures: 1
Sq Ft: 45,000