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PROJECT: Whittier Presbyterian Hospital


American Wrecking Inc. was contracted to remove an outdated surgery center that was to be rebuilt from the ground up. The project was carefully planned to accommodate challenging circumstances – it took over 4 years to carefully remove outdated structures in coordination with the construction of new construction to make the facility earthquake safe.!


Working at an operating hospital is always a challenge. Patient care and comfort were the team’s top priorities. Under very tight space constraints, we removed three-level and fivelevel sections of an outdated surgery building. We first had to cut free the three-level sections of building where our limit of work was and demolish the five-level elevator/stair and lobby tower. This tower was six inches from existing patient rooms on one side and touching the remaining two-story section of building to remain. Constructed in the new void created by our phase one demolition was a state-of-the-art five story surgery building. Once this building was constructed, we were awarded phase two demolition, which was to demolish the balance of the three-level surgery building we previously had to protect. Here we had a maximum of 12 inches of space between the new five-story building, which had a mostly glass exterior, and the three-level concrete constructed surgery building.

% Recycled: 90.8%

Project Details

Date(s): 2008 – 2013
Location: Whittier, California
# of Structures: 2
Sq Ft: 178,000