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PROJECT: The Vue Implosion

JOB TYPE: Commercial

American Wrecking Inc. and explosive demolition specialist Jim Redyke of Dykon Explosives Demolition, Corp., Tulsa, OK, worked together to bring down the first high-rise built in San Pedro, California. It was the first time in 12 years that Los Angeles allowed explosives to be used in the demolition of a 12-story building.

The framework of the building was supported at the roof level instead of the bottom level, making it difficult to demolish without the use of explosives. Before the structural demolition and preparation for the explosives, hazardous materials including asbestos had to be removed.

This project caused a bit of excitement in many ways because of the unique design of the building. It was one of the first earthquake resistant buildings in the Los Angeles area to be brought down with explosives.


The Vue Implosion was challenging because the structure featured a lift slab construction, a unique design found in only a handful of places around the world–mostly in Australia. The structure was also located 40 feet from another high-security building.

% Recycled: 99%

Project Details

Date(s): 2006 – 2007
Location: San Pedro, CA
# of Structures: One 11 Story Building