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Safe and Professional Demolition

American Wrecking owns all of its equipment. This means no waiting for rentals and other people’s equipment to become available. We can get in fast, demolish fast, and get out. EXAMPLE: 150,000 sq ft, 2-story structure demo’ed in 20 days to clean dirt!

We are aggressive recyclers, more so than other demolition companies. A hefty materials recovery means more money paid by the recycling centers. At American Wrecking we pass that money on to you by way of a reduced demolition cost. This makes our pricing very competitive.

Equipment Rental
American Wrecking rents all types of demolition equipment. We have a full time dispatcher on duty to take your order.
Call us now at 626-350-8303 to get rolling.

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If you are looking for a demolition contractor in the Los Angeles, CA area, then contact us for any demolition construction service.